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Welcome to Western Database. We are a database and software design company based in Alberta, Canada committed to delivering cost-effective technology solutions to make your business run better.

Cutting edge database design for today's connected world. We design and maintain databases from Finance to Dirty Diapers and everything in-between.

A carefully crafted database can make your business run better, cut staff costs, give you better information and increase your bottom line.

Custom software is the ultimate utility in your business. Local programmers work with you to design software to work exactly as you need it.

We perform all kinds of programming work for our clients in C#, Visual Basic, VBA, Java or C++

We host cloud services & databases as well as consult on the many cloud options now available.

The mainstream introduction of cloud computing in recent years has seen a dramatic change in the way IT is conducted for Small & Medium business. No longer is expensive server hardware needed.

Contact us for a quote or questions on your IT systems. We specialize in all kinds of software engineering & design, Microsoft Access, database systems, cloud computing, hosting, virtual machines, mobile apps and much more for small and medium size businesses.

For a small sample of our work check out our new portfolio page.

We leverage many platforms to find a solution for our clients based on budget and effectiveness to deliver efficient and effective software and database systems.

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